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Save Me

Save Me

Rated - R

Pairing - Denis/Tom, Tom/Other (but only one way)

Summary - Tom desperately tries to help a woman stuck in an abusive relationship.

A/N - Inspired by the Rhianna story. I don’t believe in this shit, woman beating is terrible. I hope that this story inspires others to help those that they know are in this sort of relationship, or to get out of one. Love doesn’t Hurt.



Part 1 ~ Happiness depends on ourselves - Aristotle



Sarah quickly ducked into the co-ed bathroom on the third floor of the English hallway. She ducked quickly into a bathroom stall and hurriedly went through her purse. She found her compact mirror and cover-up moments later. Opening her compact she got her first look of the swollen eye. She hadn’t meant anything, when she said she would leave him, she didn’t mean it. She loved him. He had hit her for that, just once, thank God, but once was all it took to bring her to tears these days. Why couldn’t he just love her? Why did he have to hit her and punish her? He said he didn’t mean it, he never meant it, he just got angry and she made him do it. She made him angry, it was all her fault.

Sarah took up the pad and started applying the make-up; it was all because some boy just flashed her a smile in class the day before. Jordan was just so jealous and possessive. She couldn’t do anything without him having a word in it. He even got mad when she didn’t answer the phone. She spent her evenings at the apartment they shared while he went out drinking with buddies. By then dinner would be cold and Jordan would be pissed because of it. Was it her fault he didn’t keep track of the time? Apparently it was.

The door opened and Sarah could hear voices; “Did you see that shiner?” on asked, it was female, Emily Jones by the sound of the voice.

“Yeah,” the other was a female as well, where Emily went Jill did as well. They were best friends and Sarah had known them both since freshman year.

“I wish she’d get rid of that bastard,” Jill said, “But, I’m sure she doesn’t understand Battered Woman Syndrome,” she amended.

“Yeah, its hard to get a girl in that sort of relationship to see what’s being done to them,” Emily replied. Sarah stopped to listen to them. She had heard of it before, her Mother had tried and tried and tried. But, Sarah didn’t believe her, Emily and Jill were also putting their noses in places it didn’t belong!

Jordan was a good man when he was sober. What the hell did they know anyway? It was her fault, she should have kept dinner warm, she shouldn’t have waved back at the cute guy in History class. It was her fault. She knew that, why couldn’t they see it? Emily and Jill left and Sarah finished covering her swollen eye. It looked better, but not by much. She hoped that no one else would notice.

_ _ _

Thomas Hardy yawned; he was so tired. Work took its fair share of his time while College homework took the other half. Tom wished that he had more time for his boyfriend. It would be nice to spend just one Saturday in Denis’ arms, just talking, cooking, maybe even go to a movie or something simple like that. He and Denis had been together for just a short time. Denis was busy with his Private Eye business and apparently there were a lot of people in need of his services, all the while Tom was still trying to deal with being out of prison and being on the job at the same time. There were still moments when he couldn’t sleep, when he could hear the inmates yell in his head. Threaten to rape and beat him. He knew it couldn’t happen, not now, he wasn’t in Fulsome any longer. He slept with strong arms wound around him. Denis soft voice when he woke from a nightmare.

He needed a vacation.

Tom stepped into history class - at least it was something he could remember, he liked history. Other classes like Math wasn’t his favorite but he wouldn’t skip out on it. He sat in the back, like always. It was easier to observe from the back. Too much attention could be places on someone in the front looking towards the back. Tom had seen at least three deals in this class while the teacher’s back was turned to the class. His main suspect, Gideon Pruitt, was a jock with brains. He had the best grades in school and his team was the best in the state. Football, his sport was. Gideon was tall with muscles and long blond hair he kept in a pony. He wasn’t into girls though, he liked guys and his boyfriend was Harold Kelp. Harold was slim, had brown hair that was shorn to his ears and wide brown eyes. He wore glasses and was a bookie on the side. They made a lot of money. The only problem was that Tom couldn’t get near them, and the only way he could think to do that was to play the game.

It was no secret that Gideon often cheated on Harold. Not that Harold cared, he did the same thing. It was worrisome though, Tom didn’t want to cheat on Denis, even if it was a case. Flirting was something different though. He blew his bubble gum and it popped to be pulled into his mouth with a soft red tongue. Gideon watched, blinked and was caught staring by Tom who winked and turned his attention to his books. Moments later, Gideon took a seat in the desk in front of Tom.

“You new?” Gideon asked.

“Yeah,” Tom replied simply.

“I’m Gideon, and what’s your name sweet thing?” Gideon asked with a smile. Tom smirked behind his bubble of gum.

“Tom,” was the simple reply.

“You always hold conversations with one word?” Gideon asked.

“Depends,” Tom shrugged.

“On what?” Gideon replied.

“On the economy of the conversation,” Tom replied. Gideon chuckled and shook his head. He reached out to put a lock of dark hair behind Tom’s ear. For his part, Tom didn’t move away, it had taken Denis forever to get that move down on Tom. That was probably why, Denis had worked surely and slowly with him, little touches, nothing fast.

“Your hot,” Gideon said.

“Thanks, I think,” Tom raised an eyebrow.

“Am I being too forward?” Gideon asked.

“Maybe, what will your boyfriend think?” Tom said and waved at Harold who was watching the both of them.

“He won’t care,” Gideon replied. The Professor walked in and called the class to order. Gideon returned to his seat and Tom was left to wonder what he was going to tell Denis.

_ _ _

“So, what did you find?” Captain Adam Fuller asked. Tom sat across from the older man. He had just arrived from the local college. Tom cleared his throat nervously.

“Well, nothing, but Gideon hitting on me, I think if I play it right I may be able to get a buy and bust but…” Tom looked at the ceiling. How was he supposed to explain this?

“But?” Fuller pushed gently.

“Look, its not that I am against homosexuals, I am one, its just that with getting with Booker so suddenly…I don’t know what I can or can’t do and it not be considered cheating on him, even if it is a case I don’t want to do that to Denis,” Tom pushed out. It had to be said. Adam sat back in his chair, considering the youngest member of the team. Tom Hanson was a good cop, his father was a good cop and this secret could get him hazed by officers that didn’t know or love him like Adam or the rest of the team did.

“I understand,” Adam said, “You should probably talk to Denis, but, I want you to be safe if you don’t think its worth it than don’t,” he said.

“We need to get this guy off the streets, I just don’t want to go kissing him or anything,” Tom replied.

“Than don’t,” Adam replied, “play hard to get and maybe you’ll get your bust,”

“Right,” Tom nodded his head. He just hoped that Denis wouldn’t be pissed because of this. He was an Alpha, Tom wondered why he put up with it but in the long run decided that question just wasn’t worth thinking about.

_ _ _

Denis was home, like always. His working hours were sporadic but he was always home. Tom arrived later than the seven they had agreed upon when moving in together. But, Denis seemed to get his mood and instead had him sit down at their dinning room table and brought out dinner. Denis ate with him. It was a silent meal while Tom tried to get his courage up to talk to Denis.

“What is it?” Denis finally said, making Tom jump from the sound of his voice.

“The case…my suspect seems to like me and…if I play it right I can get the collar…its just that…he seems to like me like me…get it?” Tom explained.

“Yeah, he has a crush on you. What are you worried about?” Denis asked.

“What if…he wants to go farther with it? What if he kisses me what if…I don’t want to cheat on you. This is so new to me…” Tom sighed, he ran a hand through his hair and Denis got to his feet.

“I won’t pretend to like this, you have to do your job and if that means flirting with this guy, than fine, but don’t you dare jump into his bed,” Denis glared.

“I wouldn’t do that, there are other ways to cheat on someone than just have sex,” Tom pouted.

“I know,” Denis sighed.

“Look, just don’t do the things you know I like,” Denis said, he reached out and combed his own fingers through Tom’s dark hair. He liked the feel, the softness of it.

“Pet, you all right?”

“Yeah, just scared to lose you,” Tom admitted.

“You won’t lose me,” Denis promised. He took hold of both Tom’s shoulder’s and pulled him up to hold the young man against his chest. Tom wrapped his arms around Denis and they stood there for a long while.

_ _ _

The next day Tom ran into Sarah. The woman was crying in an abandoned hallway. She was bleeding from the nose and he couldn’t do a thing. He knew it because she wouldn’t put in a police report. Tom had long suspected that Sarah was being hit by her boyfriend, but since she didn’t actually come out and say it, well, there wasn’t much he could do.

“Hey, you all right, do you need to go to the hospital?” Tom asked gently. Just like Denis had done with him, Tom spoke slowly and softly, for Sarah was shaking quite hard from her tears.

“It was all my fault,” she sobbed.

“I am sure it isn’t,” Tom replied, now he stood in front of her. He offered her his handkerchief. She took it.

“Are you sure you don’t need to see a doctor or something?” Tom asked. She shook her head “no”.

“What happened? Do you want to talk about it?” Tom asked, he looked own the deserted hallway, it was dusty and spider webs hung above them, it had long been unused. He saw streaks of blood on the wall Sarah lent against and there was some on the floor. She must have just been beaten by her boyfriend.

“No,” she said this time.

“Okay, but I can’t help you unless you help me help you,” Tom said.

“It was my fault,” she said and then walked away, unsteady on her feet but Tom knew that she didn’t want his help. Gideon and Harold stood at the entrance of the hallway. Silently they had watched Tom and Sarah. The three of them watched her go on her way.

“I don’t know about you guys but her boyfriend is a bastard for the shit he’s doing to her,” Tom snorted in derision.

“If he wasn’t such a good customer, I might pound him myself,” Gideon returned. Then he smiled, “Hey, Tommy, this is my boyfriend Harold,” he introduced. Tom and Harold shook hands.

“Are you after my boyfriend?” Harold asked outright.

“No, I’ve just got out of a relationship,” Tom shrugged.

“Too bad, he’s good in bed, hey, its cool to have a rebound you know,” Harold laughed.

“So you two think its cool to get with random people? It must wage hell on your relationship,” Tom muttered.

“Nah, it makes it all that better when we get together,” Gideon grinned. He threw his arm around Tom and they walked down the hallway.

“Say, Tommy, you ever tried cocaine?” he asked.

“No, and I am not about too,’ Tom replied. Gideon chuckled.

“Good, because we need a good partner and that partner can’t be hooked on drugs,” Harold smirked at Tom and suddenly, Tom wondered if he could bale out on the case.


Tags: 21 jump street, abuse, denis/tom, m/m, rhianna, slash

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