johnnypenn (johnnypenn) wrote,

Once more, and more...

I do believe, that as the English Language changes with all the influx of odd things - that I shall never get over the palpitations my heart does when I see erroneous - in my eyes - mistakes that make me go bat shit insane!

Let us, take for example, once more and more...the apostrophe-S.
It is a style marker, I believe. It is neither right nor wrong.
I still despise it.
I blog about this from time to time when someone has attached an extra S on the end of a name that all ready ends with an S. I do not understand why this happens. Let it stand, however, that our Dear Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle has done this. I was reading a story when I saw "Holmes's". And while I understand the style differentiates depending on where in history one writes, there are still things that haunt the moors at night.

I believe that the single apostrophe is far more elegant. And it doesn't disrupts the eye as the cornea rolls over the page, taking up the information. For, at random times, I find that I am transfixed trying to sound the word out in my head and I've got and extra S-sound and the word fizzles out like a snake.


Style in it's own right is rather superfluous.
Writing is an art that is strangled to death by rules that shouldn't exist.
Am I saying this is wrong, yes, I am. I'm not, however, saying that people shouldn't use it. Just, I wish less people would.

And this, my dear friends, is what happens to my writing when I've read a classic.


I found that one must do this if one is making the person a posessive.

"That is Mr. Holmes's personal file."

I'd get rid of that S still. *shrugs*
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