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Four Times Mrs. Hudson had to replace her Windows and one where she didn't

I wrote this INNOCENT thing for the BBC Sherlock Kink meme.
The OP wanted five times Sherlock threw someone out the window, and one where he threw someone down the stairs. There is some Anderson bashing. But, from what I have read in fandom,t hat's pretty normal. damn, I hope. Meh. He's a jerk anyway. :)
Once again, can't cut because of my Ipad.


She couldn't say she wasn't surprised someone had come into her home without being invited. Sherlock had scrapes with random assassins all the time. Sometimes she knew about it and sometimes she didn't but she'd rather assume a fight had broken out than ask Sherlock if he'd ruined something intentionally.

The first time he threw someone out the window was the American CIA bloke who had her at gun point. She'd been scared. No one had ever involved her in their nefarious plans to kill Sherlock before. And she hoped it wouldn't happen again. The man didn't die though. No, and neither she nore John had told the police anything. Other than the man obviously did it because Sherlock drove him to it. DI Lestrade just gave them a look - and then went to ask Sherlock about it.

Her bins were bent to hell; but they'd been replaced over night and they didn't say anything more on the subject.

Sherlock sprung for the window.


The second time a window broke.
It wasn't a surprise to find out that the man had ben trying to take Sherlock captive. And Sherlock being a black belt in some Eastern form of fighting, not to mention Victorian stick fighting and boxing - it was no surprise when the front window was smashed otu by the heavy set man. Thankfully, he landed in the trash bed of the rubbish truck.

"Good riddance to Charles Augustus Milverton!" Sherlock snorted when asked about it.


The third time. John helped.

Mrs. Hudson watched.

And because of the bruises she got from the fight before her boys discovered the man bashing on her - no one really cared what her son-in-law had to say on the matter.


The fourth time her windows got busted.
It was only the skull being thrown about.
She heard hurried "sorry's!" from her boys up stairs.
She just shook her head, and put it down on the rent.


The fifth time Sherlock threw someone about, he avoided her windows.
Maybe because he was tired of always paying for the window pains to be replaced.
Whatever it was, Anderson took a head long plunge downy he steps.
Sherlock yelling after him to go get sober and then try and beat him up for giving his secret affair away to his wife.
It took a few days for that one to be cleared up.
And Anderson never showed his face at 221B Baker Street after that, even on those pretend drug busts the DI liked to surprise Sherlock with.
Tags: abuse, anderson, bad guys, cheating, drunkeness, john watson, mrs. hudson, sherlock holmes, skull

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