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Tickling Arthur's Feet - By Christopher Rosalie - Story Review

I decided that to illustrate what I think are good kink fiction - I can't call this BDSM Fiction because there really isn't any sex in it - that I'd review stories. Good and Bad.
It's a tool for writer's. Now, I'm not saying that what I'm gonna write here goes for everyone. Critics sometimes know what they're talking about and sometimes they don't.
I decided on a classic fiction for today's review. I do like this story. I've read it a few times. I don't know why.

Okay; The story is about a guy, an executive, who wants to buy a house.
He goes to meet someone to see a house. In the basement, he is shown this chair. He is curious about it and so he get's trick into getting strapped in. I can't explain how this thing works. But, there are make shift stalks locked around his ankles. And since he's tied to the chair, Arthur can't go anywhere. And then - that is if I am remembering the story correctly - the guy he met for the house showing tells him that it was all a gag and that it's just pretense to get Arthur into the tickling chair.

Yes, that's right.
This is a Tickle Torture fetish/kink fiction.
I'm using Fiction here instead of fic, because I'm a fan fic writer, so I think of fandoms when Fic is said. So, Fiction is to show that this is an original story. I hope that works.

"My wife and I were going to buy a house. I could not believe it. After being married for three years and paying rent to a landlord we could not stand, we were able to afford a house. All our scrimping and saving had finally paid off. I was at work when I got the call from a Real Estate agency that we had been dealing with that they wanted to show us a choice house as soon as possible. It was nine thirty AM on the dot when my phone rang."

That is the first paragraph of the story. And while it's not too engaging of the reader. It's still better than the "let me describe myself using crags list lingo" that most stories tend to be. Now. I will say that this story is slightly dub-connish. There is a bit of boring set up. But, I have to do that as well. So, it's forgiven.

Let me tell you though. This is a well written story. I have not yet seen a misspelled word; or some other glaringly obvious grammar mistake which tells you the author is either lazy or a novice. Because that usually shows up within the first bit of text.

"My name is Arthur Gimble, I'm thirty years old, an executive with Chase bank. I have short cut brown hair, parted on the side in a banker's cut and brown chestnut shaped eyes. I'm five feet nine inches tall. I had started out at Chase bank as a teller when I was nineteen years old. Through a lot of hard work, four years of college and two years of banking school I worked my way up the corporate ladder. At the age of thirty I was in charge of the Customer Account department and also in charge of a few of the bank's key accounts. Three years ago I married the girl of my dreams. And now we were prepared to buy a house. Yes, it sure seemed that everything was falling in place in my life. I didn't know as I headed for the subway to Brooklyn that I would fall into place myself, actually I would fall stupidly and helplessly into place while checking out the house in Bay Ridge. Dressed in a navy blue pinstriped suit, white shirt, a dark red silk necktie and black lace-up wing tips I dashed down the steps to the subway..."
Sorry. I will say that it's better than crags list with the numbers. But...I don't know if there is a better way to do this. Unless you add a character bio at the top along with the title and authors notes for the story. I mean. There has GOT to be a better way. I don't understand my preoccupation with this...writing technique. It seems so old school....

"So there I was, handcuffed to a chair with my damned feet locked in a pair of stocks. I wriggled my fingers and my socked toes nervously. I watched as Ronald switched on the record player and the turntable began spinning the sticks with the feathers on the ends of them around and around. On the turntable speed of 45 RPM's it was moving pretty fast. I watched as the feathers on the ends of the sticks spun around and moved all over the bottoms of my (still) shoed and socked feet.

"See?" Ronald asked me, looking down sort of hungrily at my feet. "It's called an Executive Tickle Torture machine." - "

And now we are getting down to the good bit.
I mean, the dude had to get Arthur into that chair some how.
I say it's dub-con because they didn't meet looking for a good time.
In fact, neither know each other very well. No boundaries have been set. No safe words - though, I read an article that said that safe words are kinda silly seeing as how in times of great distress the sub will forget what the word is - erm...I dunno what to say on that, but I still believe in safe words so whatever. This means, that since nothing has been negotiated, that this scene is dub-conned. I can't say rape because there isn't any sex. There is jerking off, and some piss play...or mention of it. It's kinda hot.

I really like this story because it's not pretentious. The Author is talking this with respect. Because, sometimes I'll read stuff in another fiction but it's really gross. It's the same kink, but badly handled <-- pun! - it's icky and makes me physically sick. So I have to find something else to read.

This story, despite the boring parts which is just the fourth bit of the beginning of the fiction, are good. I enjoyed reading the Fiction. I liked both characters. I found the ending a bit odd. But. I won't spoil. It might just be me. Still. I liked it because the guy wasn't put down by it. There weren't any crass jokes, or bad names being called. It was handled very well. <-- Another Pun!

This, I think, is a classic story. I wanted to do one I liked first.
Of course there will always be something I don't like. I haven't found a Fiction yet that I've read over and over again because it's perfect for me. I've found bits and pieces that are, and so I will happily ignore the boring parts just to get to the good bit.

And this is good.
If you want to try something new. This is mostly tickle torture. Which I've found is really hot as long as the story is written well.

DISCLAIMER - I'm going to assumee that EVERYONE that clicks on the link is of age to read this stuff.

Link -
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