johnnypenn (johnnypenn) wrote,

What to do now?????

I used five question marks in my title because I feel that number sufficiently illustrates my utter lack of muse on TMCOSH <-- "The Many Cumming's of Sherlock Holmes". The WHOLE story is all about kinky sex. And, to get Sherlock to....unwind about sex, with his greatest enemy - not Mycroft, that'd be incest and I don't write that. I mean, Jim Moriarty.

I don't have a problem with plot; mistily because there isn't a plot. Of course you have the whole "if you don't have sex with me I'll kill your best friend" thing. But, you gotta manipulate Sherlock into this sort of thing. He would it...right?

He is glaring at me...ooohhhh....Sherlock is cute when he's pissed. :)

Jim insists on it being as kinky as possible. But, after last night. Meh.
I can't. Mostly because I want to find something original. And...well.
I dunno if a lot of people do Tickle Torture. I've read some fucking hot stories about it.
I think I'll throw that in. Meh. I got over the piss kink pretty quickly. I dunno if it'd be a feature in ALL my stories. But...we'll see.

This post is basically just for me; because it helps me to write the thoughts out.
But, if anyone has an opinion, give it to me. Outside views are important because if I don't get them - I stay in my head for too long.

Consulting Detectives can have Ego's.
Writer's can't.
Not even Pro writer's.
Tags: bdsm, kink, my thoughts, writing

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