johnnypenn (johnnypenn) wrote,

I am fed up!

So. I was trolling the net to find goo BDSM fiction. Well written BDSM fiction.
I came across one with a character whoring himself out, and you know what annoyed me about that story? it wasn't the fact that later not he character got tricked into a non-con situation, it was the fact that the author spelt "cool" as "kewel".

Who the fuck spells the word like that? Other than a lazy ass. I mean. Really?

Second thing, and in five separate fictions I tried to read but didn't because of this.
and, I have ranted about it; "I have a really HOT sex story about this guy named Craig! but, first I'll tell yew all about myself. I am five foot four, I have light blue eyes, blond hair and a hot body. I work out at the gym Aaaallll the time because that's the sort of body society wants and that's the sort of body the author wishes they had. :) anyway, now let me tell you about Craig! He's six foot fourteen and he has huge feet. They stink but I love them! blah, blah, blah..."

I made up the foot fetish part. but that's not the point. It's annoying and the WRONG way to start any story. I don't give a shit about what these character's look like. I can easily substitute my own characters in my head or character's from a fandom. URG. I wish people could learn how to FUCKING WRITE!

I also want people to learn how to spell. I saw "moth" as "mouth" - the words aren't even the same. How can you kiss a moth, much less put your tongue down the Moth's....mouth? that doesn't even make sense.

Oh, and I fucking hate those stories where the sub/slave character has a horrible, degrading name. I saw a story called Smallbutt. It was horrible! fucking horrible!
What the fuck is with people and degrading names anyway? I can only say that it's a stereo type of Dom's. YOu have the sub character, who has a horrible name, and the Dom is just...horrible. I hate abusive!dooms. They suck. They're just assholes. And I urge anyone who has a dom that thinks it's okay to call you horrible names to get out of that relationship. If the dom thinks that's okay, who the fuck know what else that stupid person thinks is okay.

So; my question is.
Is it all right for me to write a story about this topic.
I keep wanting to do a thing where the abusive dom get's some comeuppance for the shit they pull on other people. My problem is that I don't want people outside the community to read my story and think this actually happens. I mean, I'm trying to make a point here. That not all Dom's are good Dom's and one must be careful about these sorts of things. I dunno. It's just an idea. I want to set a mystery in a BDSM Club dealing with this problem. Because it is. I've read several accounts online about "Dom's" trying to pick up Subs but being dick's about it.

And not only that, but I'm worried about the people inside the community. Will I be totally laughed out of town for this? especially since I practice nothing of it? I keep not doing it because of this. I don't want people to get the wrong idea. Not that the idea is even clear enough for me to write. I don't know anything other than I want to write a hard core BDSM lifestyle story.

I must be fucked in the head.

Well....yes. I think that will do it for me now.
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