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Wolfsong - CH6

Remus and Sirius finally get it on. First sex scene in the story.
It's rather gentle, all things considered.



Fandom - Harry Potter

Pairing - Remus/Sirius (as in Top Remus and Bottom Sirius)

Disclaimer - All known characters belong to JKR.

Summary - Sirius finds the love of his life during a mission for the Auror department. A Rouge Werewolf is turning as many people as he/she can and it's up to Sirius to stop him/her with the help of Remus Lupin, Alpha of a Pack that faces extinction if the murder case is pinned on them.


Chapter 6 - Home is where the Heart Is

Sirius loved the way the leather pants made his arse look beautiful. He reminded himself that vanity was a sin and not something people liked. So, he kept that thought to himself. He wore a white button down shirt that had slight embroidery in silver thread so that it shone in the right light. Jo finished this off with the knee length boots Sirius kept in his never-ending-bag for those trips into the marsh. The boots were shinned up with a simple spell but still looked worn to pieces.

"Can't you afford new boots?" Jo asked quizzically.

"Despite what some people have taught you, wizards aren't made of money," Sirius snorted. Then he took a look in the mirror. He decided that he looked somewhere between being well off and not so well off. The boots were scuffed up enough to make it look as if he were trying. That was the total truth of the matter. He'd been careful about his inheritance from his Uncle Alphard. The money was a blessing he didn't want to waste on extravagant things. And besides, shopping second hand was fun. He'd found things he liked at an affordable price. He still looked decent, and that was what he was going for.

Not to mention Remus was staring at his arse and it made his spine thrill just at the thought. He glanced at Remus' reflection in the mirror. The Alpha was not paying him attention, eyes riveted on his bottom as they were, it gave him time to contemplate Remus. He was young, possibly Sirius' own age even. He looked worn from the Curse of the Moon, the whole pack had that look - even the children. Their clothing was far more worn than his, and they made it all. This, Sirius concluded, was what a family should be. And he wished for it. Yes, even the curse if it meant he could be loved by people who accepted him and loved him despite his flaws.

Remus looked up. Sirius didn't look away but he didn't offer up any of his inner thoughts. "What are you going to wear, Remus?" Sirius asked instead.

"Oh, I've nothing half as royal as..."

"You can borrow anything you want," Sirius interrupted. And then went red in the face. He covered his eyes with his fingers and held his breath. After a couple of seconds ticked by, Jo giggled.

"Yes, yes, I know," Sirius flapped his other hand, "I didn't mean it like it came out,"

"You like Alpha Remus, don't you?" Jo called him to the floor, and just made him groan in reply.

Remus watched them both, a smile tugging on his lips.

"I'm afraid I can't do that," Remus shook his head, "But, I think you look rather dashing. I'm afraid I'll have to fight off all the females," he wasn't joking. Sirius looked at him through his fingers.

"So you do like that?" Sirius asked.

Remus smirked; "This is not the sort of conversation to have in front of the cub," he looked pointedly at Jo.

Jo gasped and looked at her bare wrist; "Gee, look at the time, I gotta go and put on my best dress! see you at the feast..." and then she was out of the cabin lightning fast. Remus and Sirius watched her go, both blinking owlishly.

"Ah, Children," Sirius sighed, "I was one once,"

"She's a breath of fresh air," Remus was stripping off his every day clothing. Not bothered at all that Sirius stood and watched until the pants dropped to the floor. The Wizard was then picking up clothing, and folding them before placing them back into his bag. "and messy too," Sirius mock-complained just to have something to say.

Remus pulled out some deer skin pants, a dark red woven shirt and a matching vest. Then he pulled out worn dragon hide boots and slipped them on. Sirius could see muscle flexing beneath the skin tight pants. Now the tables were turned and he was ogling Remus' ass. He couldn't remember the last time he was attracted to someone with such vivid surety.

The last girlfriend he had was Vivian Waters. She left him after school, though. Maybe that didn't count. He looked away. He didn't want Remus all for the sex, he couldn't facilitate a romantic relationship with the man in any capacity. He had obligations, not only to the Ministry but to the Order as well. And the Werewolves wren't going to do anything with them or against them. Mainly because even if the Death Eater's were defeated - the laws wouldn't change.

And, there was the slight chance that if Voldemort did make well on his promises, that the Werewolves would be granted all the rights of a Wizard. Something that they wanted but hardly asked for because they knew it wouldn't happen. Even now Umbridge was working on the Werewolf Registration. It worked much like the system the Muggle Adolf Hitler used on the Jews when captured and sent to the Concentration Camps.

"Sirius?" Remus was close and Sirius jumped back a little. He tripped and fell on the bed. "Let's celebrate tonight and worry tomorrow," Remus helped Sirius up and off the bed. Sirius nodded. After all, he dishonored the family, he held no power over the Ministry. He couldn't help the Pack out there.


Angus sat in the prison hut watching Lockhart watch the village gathering. They had long tables that were slowly being filled with food and mead. They were dressed in their best garb and a small band had begun playing folk songs they never heard before this night. Leroy lay in the pile of hay that made up on of four beds.

"I can't believe one Auror took us down," Victor whined from his hay pile. He was older than Leroy by a couple of years and younger than Gilderoy and Angus by a good five or ten. In essence, he was the middle child.
"Stop yer complanin'," Angus growled.

"I want to know why we can't apparate," Leroy sighed.

"Black out up the anti-apparition spell after he got back and was so graciously accepted by those idiots," Victor clucked his tongue in annoyance.

"I don't get it," Leroy said as he chewed the end of a straw, "didn't we want to get caught?"

"Wait..." Victor sat up and glared at Gilderoy's back, "was that the plan?"

Gilderoy gulped, and then schooled his face, when he turned to the three gruff men, he had a winning smile on his soft lips and he spoke with enthusiasm; "Why yes!" his voice went up an octave, "I planned it to go down exactly as it did, that fire ball was a bit of a surprise though..." he shrugged. "However, we are exactly where we need to be,"

"Why?" Angus asked, "what are we supposed to do now?"

"Well, my contact has promised us a huge reward for Lupin's head, and I mean head literally, a million galleons if we bring Lupin's head to Greyback in a sack,"

A trio of low whistles met this statement.


The night sky was darker with clouds hovering over the forest; a light drizzle had stared up just as the huge party had begun. But no one cared. A canopy held up by strong poles was erected above the fire. Children took cuts of meat to cook above the coals that a old women tended so that no one got hurt. Other tarps and poles sheltered the food. Soggy food made for a horrible party. Remus gladly led Sirius over to the food.

The gaggle of girls gave Sirius bright smiles and offered up their deserts of choice. "try my spotted dick," , "I've lemon custard!" , "Toffee pudding?" and other options were all thrust at him on spoons or forks by the young ladies who had been taught the age old adage women used on their husbands or men they were gunning for; The way to a mans heart is through his stomach.

Remus helped himself and even got a few charming smiles and giggles from the young ladies. And Sirius played along. Remus pulled him away and promised to be back after sampling the main dishes. Sirius laughed.

"Oh my, I think I'm going to have some competition," Remus winked.

"Why, My Lord, I do think you shall," Sirius agreed jokingly.

The party lasted well into the night. The band kept playing with small breaks, while an old man told the story of the Pack to the children. Sirius couldn't help listening in on some of a scop.

THUS seethed unceasing the son of Healfdene
with the woe of these days; not wisest men
assuaged his sorrow; too sore the anguish,
loathly and long, that lay on his folk,
most baneful of burdens and bales of the night.

This heard in his home Hygelac's thane,
great among Geats, of Grendel's doings.
He was the mightiest man of valor
in that same day of this our life,
stalwart and stately. A stout wave-walker
he bade make ready. Yon battle-king, said he,
far o'er the swan-road he fain would seek,
the noble monarch who needed men!
The prince's journey by prudent folk
was little blamed, though they loved him dear;
they whetted the hero, and hailed good omens.

And now the bold one from bands of Geats
comrades chose, the keenest of warriors
e'er he could find; with fourteen men
the sea-wood he sought, and, sailor proved,
led them on to the land's confines.
Time had now flown; afloat was the ship,
boat under bluff. On board they climbed,
warriors ready; waves were churning
sea with sand; the sailors bore
on the breast of the bark their bright array,
their mail and weapons: the men pushed off,
on its willing way, the well-braced craft.

Then moved o'er the waters by might of the wind
that bark like a bird with breast of foam,
till in season due, on the second day,
the curved prow such course had run
that sailors now could see the land,
sea-cliffs shining, steep high hills,
headlands broad. Their haven was found,
their journey ended.

"Wait...your pack is related, somehow to Beowulf?" Sirius whispered to Remus. Remus nodded. They quietly stood at the back of the small crowed and continued to listen. Sirius had heard a little about the Vikings in History of Magic class. The hero's were all Wizards, it seemed, and Beowulf was the ultimate hero. Of course, it made sense to trace one's ancestry as far back as you could and even if the Pack weren't related by blood - it would be a bonding to find out where the pack came from.

Sirius wasn't at all sure, though, if Beowulf was a Werewolf. They didn't cover a lot in Magic History class because Professor Binns died giving a lecture on the Goblin Wars ( 1200 bc, 1700 ac). And that was all he ever lectured upon; it made Sirius question that much of his magical education.

The scop was long and soon it turned to a more mundane story; the old man promised to finish the story of Beowulf another time. Sirius and Remus wondered away and back to the desserts table. Thankfully the women had wondered off with males that were far more accepting and Sirius and Remus could be alone.

"This is some party, I haven't had one like it since my seventeenth birthday," Sirius said as he served up some apple crumble for him and Remus who'd been eyeing it wolfishly. He handed a plate over to Remus first.

"We haven't even gotten to the ceremony yet," Remus replied.

"Right, and what do I do?" Sirius asked, "only, I don't want to mess it up," he didn't look up at Remus.

"All you and I will do is slit our palms, and hold each other's hands as if we are shaking, and then we make the vow," Remus replied.

"And the vow? what sort of magic is it?"

"Ancient magic," Remus replied. "Everyone who joins makes the vow,"

"And what happens if the vow is broken? has it happened before?"

"My are you curious," Remus smirked around a bite of food.

"It's just that...well...vows can go wrong. Have you heard of the Unbreakable Vow?" Sirius asked.

"Refresh my memory," Remus softly demanded.

"Basically if you don't do what you Vow you die," Sirius shrugged.

"Oh, there are some protections woven in, but it's nothing like that," Remus shook his head, "Everyone has a different feeling, but I feels like home,"

Sirius couldn't keep eye contact any longer; he knew he shouldn't go through with the ceremony. It was too late now to do so politely and he highly doubted he could have when Rebecca had kissed him - in a very motherly way - and he was suddenly transplanted to another time and place when his Mother liked him and didn't yell or verbally abused him. He could be useful in a far better way than ever as an Auror.
Whatever gold he had would help a lot with getting books for education the Pack needed and...well...he wouldn't feel like such a failure.

"Sirius?" Remus poked Sirius in the elbow.

"I'm fine," Sirius replied, "I'm just so honored,"

Remus wasn't sure what to say to that. But, for some reason, no words were needed.


The Ceremony took place by the bon fire. Remus called the whole Pack together and they all stood quietly for the Ceremony to begin. Rebecca and Cory - who Sirius had learned was Remus' older brother - stood a bit behind the Alpha. Sirius tried to hide his nervousness.

Remus raised his hands, calling for silence even though everyone was respectfully quiet; "Tonight," Remus face the crowed, "we welcome a new brother to our pack, Sirius Orion Black, who not only saved my Mother, but a cub and our village," he turned to Sirius, "I welcome you to our pack,"

Sirius bowed his head slightly; "I am honored to join your family," he didn't yell, but the words were spoken strongly and with want that Sirius wasn't able to hide so well. Jo stepped out of the crowd with a wooden box. On it were carvings on ancient Runes Sirius was partly able to decipher by a single glance; the words Family, knife and blood were all he could read as Remus opened the box lid. Inside was old red velvet lining. And the knife was in good condition. It looked rather dangerous though. The long bronze knife held a sharp edge. The hilt was made entirely of onyx with a single purple stone set in the middle. There had to be history behind this knife. It had to be important because Remus picked it up with reverence that resounded. Once the light hit the knife the whole crowd "ooohed" appropriately.

Remus held the knife in on hand and slit his right palm. A Werewolf elder behind Sirius grabbed Sirius' left arm and held out that palm of his hand. Sirius wanted to pull away but instead he straightened out his hand so that his palm was defenseless. Remus slashed the palm, at a diagonal. Sirius didn't even grunt as he watched the blood bubble up from the wound.

Then he was clasping Remus' right hand.

"I, Alpha Remus Lupin Son of Benedict and Rebecca Chase, vow to protect SIrius Black to the best of my ability," Remus said clearly for all to hear. There was a smattering of clapping.

And then it was Sirius' turn.

"I, Sirius Black, Son of Orion and Walburga Black, declare my never ending love and devotion to my Alpha, Remus Lupin. I vow to protect the pack at the cost of my life,"

The clapping after this was much stronger. Remus squeezed Sirius' hand and Sirius tried to squeeze back. Just to let Remus know he wasn't weak, that he could give just as well as he took. And then the grip was lost and the elder who had gripped Sirius' arm the entire time poured hot water over the wound. He dried it and then layered salve that smelt of honey and lavender over it and bandaged it. Rebecca had done the same to Remus' hand.

"Now, it is almost midnight, let us have one last cheer and mug of mead before we retire!" Remus announced. The cheering this time surprised Sirius. He was pulled away from the fire and towards the food tables. The treats weren't nearly gone, so there would be plenty left over for later. Mead was handed around and Sirius was welcomed with open arms.

Yes, he decided as he crawled into bed later, with Remus right behind him, this was home. And it was even better because Remus liked to snuggle in his sleep.


Early morning lollygagged its way across the now clear sky. The storm came to a close an hour before Remus nuzzled his nose into Sirius' neck. He smelt like stale mead and lavender soap. He smelt natural. Not like the flops who wore perfume to mask their natural scent. He took a deep whiff. Held it, and then exhaled as quietly as he could. The smell went straight to his cock and he was stiff in seconds.

He raised a hand to stroke light skin. Sirius was so pail, but it was beautiful. Scarred as well. And that made Sirius human. He was no stranger to pain, spiritual or otherwise and that made Remus want him all the more. He softly ran his finger along the bridge of Sirius' nose to the tip before dipping over lips and pressing just a little harder for actual feeling. They were soft. He leant up on an elbow to get a better look at Sirius. He still slept. Remus could tell because Sirius hadn't moved at all when Remus started touching him.

The blanket fell to reveal more white skin. In the dawn light of day, Remus couldn't help but note the differences in skin tone. He was just slightly darker, but that was possibly thanks to days spent in the fields during summer. Skinny dipping in the swimming pond and being immensely comfortable being naked. Sirius had grown up on the city. Though he'd seemed to do all right in the woods. Remus was glad that Sirius was also getting over his horrible cold. Yes, his Mother was a Miracle Worker like that. Sirius sighed and stretched before turning away from Remus and onto his stomach. Remus bent over and kissed the shoulder blade farthest from his side of the bed. Sirius slept by the wall and Remus between Sirius and the door, where he wanted to be to protect the man he knew he was in love with.

Sirius sighed and moaned. Dark grey eyes flickered open. First meeting the wooden wall. "What'cha doin' Remus...?" Sirius asked sleepily.

"Nothing," Remus whispered into Sirius' ear as he tongued the shell.

"That doesn't feel like nothing," Sirius chuckled. Remus sat up, he lay a hand up the small of Sirius' back. They were both naked and Remus needed to get off.

"So...what are the rules with this? because, I want to know what sort of commitment I might be making if we have sex," Sirius stretched. He tried to move to face Remus but the Werewolf held the human down just by his hand.

"Oh, I'm deffinantly making a claim," Remus replied with a smirk chasing the sex charged words. Sirius could feel it and it sent a shiver down his spine. And he decided that since obviously Remus wanted him as much as he wanted Remus...he could work with it. The only thing that worried him was his job, the Order...could he pack up to be with Remus, since the Werewolf would never leave the Pack for the London. No, he couldn't ask Remus to do that. All the sacrifices would have to be done on his end.

"Sirius, what's wrong?" Remus asked, noticing that the once sex charged atmosphere had gone sour in seconds.

"I..." Sirius gulped loudly, "I don't know If I can..."

"Can what? have sex with another guy?" Remus asked.

"No, I know how it's done, that's not what I am worried about. It's just that..."

"I can't leave the Pack," Remus said. He patted Sirius' hip, "are you wondering if you could...come and live here?"

"Yes, I wonder if I can just pack up and...come here," Sirius buried his face into the pillow. Remus watched him, silently, for a few seconds.

"You don't need to decide now, and we don't need to do anything now," Remus said. he kept rubbing Sirius' hip.

Sirius replied. His words were muffled by the pillow. Remus sighed and pinched some skin, "Say that again?"

"Ough!" Sirius popped to his knees, not at all bothered that he was naked in front of a randy Werewolf. Seven years of living on a boys dorm did that to anyone; "What the fuck was that there?" Sirius rubbed the bit of skin Remus had abused. He glanced down just to make sure the skin hadn't been pulled from his person.

Remus chuckled; "Sorry."

"You are not," Sirius snorted offended.

"But, what did you say?" Remus asked.

"I do want to have sex with you," Sirius rolled his eyes and sighed at the same time, making his words heady with air and annoyance all at the same time.

Remus watched him, and then he lent forwards and captured Sirius' lips in his. Sirius wilted into the kiss. A tongue poked between his lips and he granted entrance. He'd kissed plenty of girls, and had plenty of practice, but there was something different about Remus' talented tongue. It slithered its way into his mouth as if it belonged there. Their tongues gently wrestled, but Sirius gave the game up to Remus because of a soft growl and he loved it. He loved the thrill. Remus was dangerous in the sexiest way possible. Sirius reached up to grip Remus by the shoulders.

They breathed just a bit faster, moaned just a bit breathily. Remus' hands migrated to grip Sirius' ass. He pulled and their cocks rubbed against each other. Remus growled and Sirius moaned at the feeling of shock running up cocks and setting them both on fire within. Then, Remus broke the kiss to bite down on Sirius' bottom lip. Blood was drawn and that set Remus into a fury. He licked the blood, it was tangy-sweet. He pushed Sirius down onto the bed - he didn't have to look far for lotion. Once found he captured Sirius into another breath-stealing kiss while he pushed a lubed finger into the man below him.

Sirius keened into the kiss as the breach was made. Remus pinioned in and out for several seconds before adding a second finger. He scissored the muscles until they felt like putty around his fingers. Sirius tried to mummer something around the second tongue in his mouth. He had his eyes closed and was far too gone to think about ramifications. Remus smirked and broke the second kiss for a second time. A long thin string of saliva connected their lips still as Remus straddled Sirius.

They were breathing heavily; but Remus lubed up his cock and slowly started the insertion. He didn't want to hurt Sirius on their first time, but no doubts his Mate would be sore later. Sirius grunted as the head popped in. Remus stopped so as to give Sirius time to adjust. When the Wizard nodded Remus began the inward trek. He was slow because he not only wanted to be gentle with Sirius, but because he wanted the Wizard to get some pleasure out of the act as well.

So many Alpha's let the power go to their head; they didn't think about the needs of their mate. Which were just as important. Sirius moaned and begged him to go faster. But Remus sped up just a touch. Not enough to hurt. Because the muscles were still having a hard time adjusting. Even if he had spent long minutes stretching before hand. This was just par for the corse and that was all right with him.

Remus could help a half-snarl when Sirius raised his legs and crossed ankles at the small of Remus' back. Sirius wanted him to go faster and by Merlin he was gonna get a pounding; the snarl was because Remus knew this would hurt his mate and he was going to have it his own way.

Sirius begged and pleaded for it though, Remus never took him up on the offer and it was a long time till either of them came. Sirius in an explosion. His seed dripped down Remus' chest and Sirius' own stomach and thighs while Remus deposited his deep within Sirius.

Everyone would smell them and know that he'd made his claim on the Wizard and if anyone knew any better; they'd let it be.

Sirius felt sweaty, but not dirty. He'd held off on the whole sex thing because Auror's just didn't have the time to date anyone. He also had never bottomed for a anyone before and it was a new experience. The guilt settled in and Sirius tried not to think about it. His Mother would have a fit if she knew her son was consorting for a Werewolf.

And no matter how he thought about it, the normal reason of sticking it to his horrible family did not, in this instance, make him feel better. Remus lay on top of him and Sirius tried to hid his feelings. He opened his eyes to meet amber rimmed brown. Remus, however, knew in a second.

"It's all right, there is nothing wrong with what we just did," Remus whispered.

"It's not what you think. I'm not feeling scared or guilty because I've just had sex with a man," he whispered, "it's a long story, but...well...even though I haven't talked to my family in a couple of years now, all the stuff I've grown up with has lingered and...I was just thinking about my Mother. She wouldn't approve, not that I care if she does or not...It's was having sex that did it. We never talked about it and though I've gotten far with's just...I never really scored and.."

Remus shushed Sirius with a gentle finger barring soft lips; "I understand, and it's all right. I'm not going to treat you like trash, or like you're a whore. Because I know you aren't. You are brave and beautiful and scared so deliciously,"

Sirius blinked owlishly up at Remus; "No one has used 'delicious' to describe me," he muttered.

"The point is that I love you, and I think you haven't gotten that from your family. I know the Black's are pure blood and that they support those view points. But you are different, you treated me and the Pack like human's from the start. And now you do have a family. I love you, you are my Mate and I won't let you think badly of yourself just because we had sex. Sex is the natural way for people to express their love. Of course, it's abused, and I suppose it each their own or whatever. But, between us, I love you. I think I did from the moment I saw you," Remus sighed and smiled gently, "is that just a little mushy?"

Sirius laughed; "just a little but I think I feel better now,"

"Good," and with that Remus plopped a chase kiss on the tip of Sirius' nose before snuggling into the covers and dropping off to sleep moments later.
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