April 13th, 2012

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Once more, and more...

I do believe, that as the English Language changes with all the influx of odd things - that I shall never get over the palpitations my heart does when I see erroneous - in my eyes - mistakes that make me go bat shit insane!

Let us, take for example, once more and more...the apostrophe-S.
It is a style marker, I believe. It is neither right nor wrong.
I still despise it.
I blog about this from time to time when someone has attached an extra S on the end of a name that all ready ends with an S. I do not understand why this happens. Let it stand, however, that our Dear Sir. Arthur Conan Doyle has done this. I was reading a story when I saw "Holmes's". And while I understand the style differentiates depending on where in history one writes, there are still things that haunt the moors at night.

I believe that the single apostrophe is far more elegant. And it doesn't disrupts the eye as the cornea rolls over the page, taking up the information. For, at random times, I find that I am transfixed trying to sound the word out in my head and I've got and extra S-sound and the word fizzles out like a snake.


Style in it's own right is rather superfluous.
Writing is an art that is strangled to death by rules that shouldn't exist.
Am I saying this is wrong, yes, I am. I'm not, however, saying that people shouldn't use it. Just, I wish less people would.

And this, my dear friends, is what happens to my writing when I've read a classic.


I found that one must do this if one is making the person a posessive.

"That is Mr. Holmes's personal file."

I'd get rid of that S still. *shrugs*
Leverage, Sophie, parker, Nate Ford, team

Good Writer's Only, please!

What the fuck.
No, seriously.
I was at the BBC Sherlock meme and some Anon-idiot is posting prompts like crazy. Only they add a rather horrible addendum; "Good Writer's Only, Please!"

As if the "Please" makes it al BETTER!

I posted in the meme's rant post about this. Apparently, it's okay for me to be as mean as I want so I do expect some backlash and name calling. It doesn't bother me. because of this.

We have bad writers.
We have good writers.
We have boring writers.
We have crazy writers.
We have brilliant writers.

And any other writer you can think of.


No one has the right to tell other people not to fill their prompt if the anon thinks they are a bad writer. No one has the right to tell other people that their writing is shit. Oh, don't get me wrong. It's okay to say that there are a few things that need to be fixed. But, the bottom line is, telling a bunch of people not to bother to fill a prompt because they're horrible writer is a troll-like thing to do.

I have read a lot of writing that, to me, was bad. And maybe I'll make fun of it sometimes. But seriously, I'm not going to say that person is a bad writer. Only that they need to practice. I need to practice. I know for a fact my writing isn't perfect.

This anon-idiot needs a lesson in accepting how other people write.
I mean. I hate Twilight, I don't think Meyer's can write at all. But, there are a lot of people out there that EMBRACE her writing and love her for it. A lot of people think JKR can't write either, but I love Harry Potter!

Good writing means different things to different people.
That doesn't mean someone has the right to go around and DEMAND good writing.