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The Dog Patch - Chapter 18 - The End

The Dog Patch

Fandom - The A-Team

Disclaimer - All characters belong to their creators and actors. I make no money off this fan fiction.

Warnings - none

rating - NC-17 overall but a simple PG for this chapter.

Summary - Face is an assassin sent to kill a Vietcong General in Vietnam. He and Hendricks - along with their men - are capture. Then he meets Hannibal and the other two members of the A-Team. Things heat up from there.

A/N - Okay. So when I started writing this I was hoping to get it done by the end of the year, and here we are. Is it a hurried ending? no. At least I don't think so. I mean, there was no where else to go. I thought there would be a sequel, and there might but...yeah. This is the end. Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoyed the ride.

Company Agents -

Isolde Druitt
Devin Cadogan
Jessica Parker
Albert Finch
(And Face, of course)

Chapter 18 - Playing the Red Card


Clear of clouds, the stars shinning and street lamps lit the shadowy streets of the rural German neighborhood. The second house on the left of the dead end street was dark. The lights had been turned out at nine promptly. No one stirred at either entrances or windows. Not so much as a small flash light showed any sign that the occupants were still awake. It was nearing twelve now.

"Red-Dragon, all quiet," the small voice came over the walky-talky.

"Same here Red-Hawk," was the reply.

"It's clear over here," came a third voice.

"Okay," Red-Dragon said to himself. He thought for a second before pressing the button on the side of the hand held walky-talky. "Let's go in through the basement. And watch out for the alarm."

Three shadows converged. They bent through light like fish through water, they left it undisturbed. Not even the neighbors dog so much as barked to let their presence be known to the insomniacs of the neighborhood. The largest shadow made it into the back yard in recored time - the window was too small for him to slip through easily. But Red-Hawk could do it easily. Nonetheless, Red-Rock jimmied the window open as his other two shadow companions joined him.

"It's looks like you're look out, big guy," Red-Hawk giggled softly.

"That's fine by me," the other growled.

"Let's go," and their leader was the first through the window - after checking that the alarm system of the house was still intact. Of course no one ever thought about the basement. It was a desolate place where spiders converged to make their nests and eventually make their way into the upper echelons.

The basement was clear as Red-Hawk landed behind Red-Dragon.

"There are two doors," Red-Dragon muttered, "and one is armed,"

"I can disarm that one," Red-Hawk sounded giddy at the process.

"Don't let the fool do anything stupid!" came the hiss from their look out.

Red-Dragon could't help the shit eating grin. His teeth flashed in the dark.

"I'll check the other door," Red-Dragon replied.

They slipped their way across the cold concrete floor. Red-Hawk took a few moments to examine the alarm device. A CT-37. Obsolete in this day and age. Heck, his daddy had a far better alarm system. All he had to do was cut the red wire. However, he first made sure it wasn't connected to the house's main alarm. If he cut the red wire thinking he'd simply disarm this one - he could set off the main and that'd mean the plan would be blown to pieces.

So far it was easy.

The House Alarm was standard in rich homes of Germany. It wasn't the type Hannibal had commissioned for his castle. But it came damned close and wasn't, thankfully, connected to the alarm on the the secret door. Red-Hawk cut the red wire and the alarm quietly fizzled out.

The door was jimmied but he was careful not to enter. The man inside lay quietly on the cot; "Hey, Facey...?"


"My call sign is Red-Hawk," came the giggled reply.

"Why do you guys bother, even?" Face sounded as if he'd just woke up. His words were muttered and ran into each other. Murdock frowned, no, it sounded more as if he were drunk.

"Red-Dragon...?" Red-Hawk called out, softly as he could, "we may have problem over here..."

Red-Dragon appeared at Red-Hawk's side; "They probably gave him something to keep him docile," he said.

"I'm okay, but I don't think I can do anything too big," Face stood. He stumbled. But Red-Dragon was there to catch him. He slung Face over his shoulder.

"Let's go,"


The black van drove away. They hiked three blocks before finally coming upon it. But it was well worth it. They hadn't felt like themselves after Face left, possibly forever and that rather sucked and since they weren't too welcomed by the American Government anyway - they figured they'd get their Faceman back. Even though Face and Hannibal were technically together.

Face rested against Murdock's side in the back of the van. His pupils were blown wide when Hannibal had a chance to give him a good once over. But otherwise Face hadn't been hurt. Which was good because if he had been - Hannibal wasn't going to promise a quiet night to the neighborhood. Murdock ran his hands through the two toned hair. The black was growing out, and Murdock wished he could get his hair to grow so fast. Face looked far better with blond hair anyway, and his was pure sunshine.

Hannibal sat in the front seat, smoking. BA drove and they were safely on their way to their own Safe House. They hadn't been spotted and no one was following them. Yet, BA was taking the long way home. Not that he minded. He just cradles Face in his arms and made sure his breathing didn't become labored. They didn't know what Face had been given. But, he wasn't having any adverse affects.

The cuffs had been another problem. And it took him an hour and a half to get them off. He tried all the hand cuff keys they had in their arsenal. Finally, they came upon a key that worked. Not precisely but at least the heavy duty cuffs had finally came off with no more trouble.

Face could hardly stay awake through the drive. Murdock rubbed Face's back to keep him calm. Sometimes sedatives could bring on nightmares - and Face was dangerous. Unhindered he could kill a person he didn't recognize if he wasn't in his right mind. Murdock wasn't scared though. He was crazier.


Face a soft bed with a down comforter and the softest pillow he'd ever had the chance to sleep on. It felt like heaven. He next felt weight settling to his side on the bed. His slid his eyes open to see silver hair and he smelt the after-effects of a recently stubbed out cigar.

Hannibal held a glass of water in one hand and pills in his other. Face took his queue and sat up. The room was spotless of any personal effects, which wasn't surprising for any military unit setting up shop. He still felt groggy from the sedative but took the aspirin and glass of water thankfully. He swallowed and drank.

"Are you all right?" he asked Hannibal. Then his thoughts finally caught up with his head. He should be asking why Hannibal had abducted him...strike that...rescued him. Yet, that didn't make any sense. Somehow, he'd known Hannibal would come for him.

"I'm fine, it was a simple get-in-and-get-out mission," Hannibal replied.

"I don't know what I told them," Face admitted straight out. It was best to get things into the clear and quickly. "I know I was given something, I know someone was asking me questions...but...I just don't know,"

"It's fine. You didn't know where the castle was or where you are now. We've taken precautions. You're safe and we're safe."

"Yeah, until we jump out of the frying pan," Face muttered.

"There isn't any point in going any further. We pull back, they'll search for you, but they don't know if you broke out yourself or if you had help. We'll stay here for a while. But, I'm sure they won't pursue you any longer,"

Face shook his head.

"If they do show up, we'll take them out," Hannibal shrugged.

Face smiled, and then he lent forward, grabbed the edge of Hannibal's shirt and pulled him in close for a long needed kiss - which, of course - led to other things.

Tags: au, ba, cia, fan fiction, hannibal/face, murdock, plot, the a-team, the end

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