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Dogpatch - Chapter 14

This one took forever because the sex was at the beginning of the chapter. And then I did a bit of a filler. Too bad. I have to re-read what I have and decide on what's gonna happen next. Anyway, enjoy please. :)

- - -
The Dogpatch
 Fandom – The A-Team
Paring – H/F, BA/M
Rating – NC17
Warnings – violence, sex,
Disclaimer – I do not own the character of the A-Team. I do not make any money off this piece of fiction. Suing me shall do no one any good, savvy?
Summary – Templeton Peck is the world famous assassin The Faceman. A mission goes wrong and he suddenly finds himself in the hands of one Hannibal Smith – a Traitor to the Us Government. Now, Face has to find a way to a life he can halfway manage. However, a wrench gets thrown into the works when a fellow POW – who’d escaped Hannibal’s POW camp, Dogpatch – Comes after revenge.
Chapter 14 – Realizations made Real
                He felt rather than heard Hannibal. The older man lent over him, a hand on either side of the bed. Then Hannibal softly kissed him on the lips. He kissed Hannibal back. He’d been haunted all night with images of him and Hannibal having sex. His fantasies had gotten more livid and though he didn’t understand why it happened, he just knew it did and that there was only one way to make them still their steamy images.
                Hannibal pulled away and Face wrapped his arms around the older man’s neck and shoulders; blue eyes met his and he tried a small, sultry smile. He hadn’t ever seduced a man before. No doubts he wouldn’t be making declarations of love or give compliments where none were needed; “Hannibal…” he whispered, “I want you…so bad…”
                That got Hannibal’s goat. He re-captured Face’s soft lips with his own as he crawled up and onto the bed completely. Face fought off the covers. He opened his mouth when Hannibal’s tongue swiped at his lips encouragingly. Face ran his tongue along the bottom of Hannibal’s. They were really just testing the water. Hannibal wanted to make sure Face was all right with it, and Face just wanted it to happen. He couldn’t deny the slight fear that rose suddenly – however, he started it – now he had to finish it.
                He brought his hands around to start undoing the buttons of Hannibal’s cotton shirt. The man above him kept in shape, his muscles stuttered beneath Face’s fingers as he lightly caressed soft skin. How an Army Man could have soft skin, Face didn’t know. He also didn’t know why he noted both those facts. He tugged the shirt tail out of Hannibal’s pants and started to peel it off broad shoulders. Hannibal let the shirt fall off his arms and to the floor in a flutter of white fabric. Now, Hannibal was only half naked to Face’s whole glory. He gasped when Hannibal rubbed his clothed erection against his free one. He broke the kiss out of pure surprised ecstasy. He gasped and was shivering bad when Hannibal latched onto his neck.
                He let out a small moan. It felt so good. He had to continue. He didn’t want it to stop.
                Face trailed his hands down Hannibal’s back. He surged upwards to get more contact. He felt sweat prickle his skin as Hannibal sucked on the juncture between neck and shoulder. Hannibal will leave his mark on his body, in more ways than just one. Face knew this and yet he didn’t feel frightened of the idea. In fact, it made him flush with heat and his veins prickled with needles. It lasted for several seconds, most of which were spent trying to undo Hannibal’s damned belt.
                Hannibal chuckled and helped Face with the belt and the fly of his pants. Face bit his lip. His hands were shaking. Hannibal caught up a wrist and brought Face’s hand to his face to lie against his cheek. He didn’t say anything as he laid a simple kiss to the pulse point. Face breathed deeply trying to calm himself. He blinked up at Hannibal. His cock was straining against Hannibal’s middle and he could feel the pre-cum dripping over his hips.
                “Keep your hands behind your head, Tem,” Hannibal orders softly. Face nods and laces his fingers before nestling them between hair and pillow. Now, Hannibal is free to lick and tickle. He starts at the juncture of neck and shoulder. He bites down, hard and brings a yelp out of Face. He bucks but he doesn’t move his hands. Hannibal chuckles as he sucks skin into his mouth. He can taste the soap he afforded to Face. The boy also tastes like sweat, and Hannibal loves it. He lets the skin go and sits up to run his hands over shoulders and chest.
                Face his gasping, trying to hold back small gasps of pleasure as Hannibal play’s him like a Spanish guitar with masterful hands. Hannibal, however, wants to hear Face. He is determined to make his boy sing. He trails his fingers down to nipples. He takes each in hand and squeezes a bit. Then he chooses one to lave with his tongue. He sucks and bites a little to make the skin sensitive to touch. Face’s heart is beating a mile a minute and he’s straining to keep the sounds to himself. Hannibal knows that will never do. He leaves his first victim covered in saliva as he turns his attention to the second nipple. Face bucked up into Hannibal’s mouth. The feeling of a tongue and teeth on his chest made him shiver in a delightful way. Hannibal applied pressure with his teeth, and while it hurt, it brought him to the edge of fruition.
                He gasped. Then he bit his lip. He didn’t want to make any sounds. But he had a sneaking suspicion that Hannibal wanted him to be vocal. He was going to make the older man work for it though.
                Hannibal left off his suckling of Face’s nipples and moved off the bed.
                Face looked almost panicked but Hannibal smiled; “I’m just going to get something for lube,” he said as he entered Face’s bathroom. He grabbed the bottle of shampoo, it would do for now. Then he shed his jeans and was as naked as Face. He couldn’t help but watch his boy. Face lay as he’d been told and hadn’t moved his hands. He was long and strong. His muscles moved under his straining, pleasure induced body. His cock stood upright and leaked white fluid over stomach and hips. It dripped down sweat silked skin to land on the cotton sheets of the bed.
                Face was beautiful.
                Hannibal climbed back over Face. Face moved his legs apart so that Hannibal could nest between them and have a good view of his groin and ass. Hannibal opened the shampoo bottle and put a lot of the gel onto his fingers. He then lent down, and with one hand he captured Face’s cock. He swirled his tongue about the head. Face stated wonderful. The taste was hard to place. Hannibal wasn’t sure what Face tasted like, all he knew was that he liked it.
                Face gasped and moaned. He caught it off mid stream. But Hannibal smirked. Finally!
                He took Face into his mouth as he worked his shampoo covered fingers at Face’s hole. With Face concentrating on what Hannibal’s tongue was doing to his cock, he almost didn’t notice the small pressure at his entrance. Hannibal easily slipped two fingers in at the same time. Face couldn’t help the moaning and groaning now. It was as if his vocal cords had a mind of their own, and that was to tell Hannibal how good he was doing.
                His body felt on fire, he was flushed from head to foot and the needles of pleasure pierced hard in his veins; his body couldn’t figure out which it wanted more – to impale itself on the fingers rubbing his prostate or to buck into Hannibal’s mouth. It was a torturous decision changed every other second. He was now begging with words strung in nonsense sentences. All he knew was that he was almost there.
                The fingers drew out slowly, and then Hannibal sat up. Face’s cock popped out of Hannibal’s mouth. He shivered and wrenched his eyes open to see what Hannibal would do next. Hannibal placed his hands on Face’s hips and he then he aimed his cock head up with Face’s hole. He waited a beat. He then started to insert slowly. Face gasped and tried to buck, but Hannibal held him down. Face felt as if he were trying to move against a brick wall.
                Hannibal licked his lips as he made himself go slow. The heat around him was total bliss. He sunk in a half inch at a time till all ten inches of him was fully settled inside Face. His boy was doing his best not to move his hands. Hannibal was glad to see that Face could take orders and keep to them even in such circumstances. Face clenched around Hannibal. Hannibal moaned at the feeling of muscles constricting around his length. He pulled out shallowly, and then re-inserted himself. He did this procedure a few times just to drive Face wild with need. Face was just a blubbering mess by the time Hannibal decided to dispense with the play and get right on down to business.
                This, for a week now, had been his goal; since Face had been marched into Dogpatch two weeks ago; dripping with sweat and smelling perfect. He wanted to take Face that first night. He’d stopped himself because he wasn’t into rape. Unless it was a fantasy. His patience was thoroughly repaid with Face lying beneath him, wiggling and begging to be fucked senseless.
                Hannibal pulled out almost all the way, and then he thrust in. Hard. Face howled his need. His voice cracked and his cries echoed back to them. Hannibal set a semi-slow pace of hard, long thrusts so that Face could feel every inch of Hannibal’s cock taking him.
                They couldn’t lie in bed all day. Hannibal pushed Face up and off the bed and ushered him into the shower. Face felt as if he could sleep for hours but went without complaint. He and Hannibal climbed into the roomy shower and the hot water felt wonderful on their sticky skin. Face turned so that he was nose-to-nose with Hannibal. He hadn’t far to go to kiss the man gently on the lips.
                He wouldn’t call what they did “love making” – but the future didn’t look so bleak.
                “This is the library,” Hannibal waved his hand at the oak doors that led into the room. Face wasn’t expecting a room of dark green and brown to be filled with books wall to wall. It had to be the single extensive private library he’d ever seen in his short life. He whistled appreciation for it. To the right of the archway was a full wall of windows with a long window seat that stretched its entire length. The cushion’s looked fairly comfortable and Face knew he could fall asleep in this room over a good book if he were tired enough.
                There were three winding stair cases to the loft where more books were stacked lovingly. He saw not a speck of dust anywhere and figured this room was used enough to warrant an extensive dust removal almost every day by the staff. Of which he hadn’t seen any, but who knew how Hannibal managed that one. It didn’t really matter in the scheme of things anyway. On the wall farthest from them was a huge fire place. Before it was a bear skin rug, above the mantle a huge mirror, and two wing back chairs of green and gold. The fire was lit and the heat filled the room easily.
                “It’s beautiful,” Face nodded. He couldn’t wait to get his hands on a book now; so much to look at, to learn. He could spend a full year in this room and possibly not read all the books held within it.
                Hannibal chuckled; “Make use of it whenever it pleases you,”
                Face smiled; “Thank you,”
                And then it was off to the kitchen; which was roomy and modernized though the medieval theme was carried on through to it as well. Then he and Hannibal met up with BA and Murdock in the dinning room. They were playing Rummy.
                “Boys,” Hannibal has his arm around Face, his hand resting gently on Face’s hip; “look who’s come to join us,” he smiled.
                BA and Murdock looked as if their world was now complete.
                Hannibal chuckled and brought out a cigar. Face was faster on the draw and stole Hannibal’s lighter to ignite the cigar himself. It was odd how he found he didn’t hate these men. How he had never, actually, hated them. That…for some reason…they were exactly what he’d been needing his entire life.
                Yes, he decided privately, this he can do.
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