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Dogpatch - Chapter 7

The Dog Patch


Disclaimer – I do not own these characters. I make no money off this fan fiction.


Pairing – Eventual H-Bamf


Rating – R/NC17


Warnings – War time Violence, sex and possibly some kink


Summary – AU – Templeton Peck is mistaken for a world renowned spy. He is stuck in a prison camp to be trained as a secret weapon of the A-Team, who are Traitors to America.


            A/N – Okay, so I just want to say that even though this story has two 6th chapters. The Remix Chapter 6 is the one I am going off of from now on. I am not going to rename these following chapters as remixes only because I didn’t have them before re-writing chapter 6, savvy? I also want to thank Reawakening for helping me out. I really appreciate it.



Chapter 7 – Knowing


-          - -


The key is to keep company only with people who uplift you, whose presence calls forth your best – Epictetus


-          - -



It was a slow drawing forth of consciousness; a swim through heavy fog that reluctantly let him drag forth from the world of watery darkness. He first heard the rattling of rain against the earth. The smell was next and it was fresh. The wind was cold and then the pain. However, the pain was muted. He opened his eyes to the world to see darkness embolden by blazing strikes if lightning in the near distance.


Hendrickson lay in a cot not more than five feet away. He was huddled under a blanket, and the awning of grass above them held back the wetness of the night beyond their small, flickering lamp that sat high above them. Templeton found that he too was covered in a woolen blanket. He wasn’t cold either.


“Hey,” Hendrickson’s voice was hard to make out over the roaring rain.


“Are you all right?” Templeton asked.


Hendrickson cleared his throat; “Yeah, you?”


Templeton could have said a lot of sarcastic things to that, instead he said; “I’ll be all right.”


They lay in silence for what felt like ages before Hendrickson started talking. “Smith wasn’t happy you dropped off like that, he wanted to know what you had to say about Morrison,” he blinked at Templeton. The light wasn’t enough to see anything by, it was far too dim.


“I was going to give a bogus story,” Templeton replied.


“Morrison is working with them,” Hendrickson said.


A beat of silence is punctuated by the rain and thunder.


“I figured as much,” Templeton nodded.


“It makes sense though, why our orders contradict,” Hendrickson sighed.


“They do?”


“How didn’t you see it? I was told to throw the mission. I had to get close to Tuan Tu’ for some documents the Brass need. You were told to kill him,” Hendrickson tried to keep the annoyance out of his tone.


Templeton decided to let it pass, “I see, now,”


“Yeah. He’s working with Tuan Tu’, which means he’s working with the A-Team,” Hendrickson drew the line.


“And Hannibal wants to know why and if he can trust Morrison,” Templeton connected the dots.


“It works out,” Hendrickson agreed.


“And what should have happened to us? Should we have died?” Templeton asked.


“Maybe or…” Hendrickson trailed off.


“Or we’re the bait in some game,”


“It sure does seem like that,” Hendrickson yawned, “Go to sleep Peck, we need to be on our guard from here on out. I don’t give a shit what you tell those guys, it just cannot be the truth. They will kill us after they get the information they need,” He turned over. The bandages were bright against the blackness thanks to their lamp.


Templeton looked under his blanket; he too had bandages going from high on his chest to his waist. So, that’s why the pain didn’t overcome me when I woke up. He yawned - moments later, with lightning sizzling through the night air, he too dropped off to sleep.





            Morning saw porridge and coffee. They were left in peace as they ate. Hughes of blue, orange, purple and grey saw the sky as the sun began to rise. The night time stars slowly blinked out of existence until the day passed and night was upon them once again. Templeton wished the hours would pass in a second. He didn’t think they could make a proper escape in broad daylight.


            Outside the pen, they could see Murdock and BA checking a very old truck. It looked like it was on its last tires. The men didn’t seem too worried though. Hannibal joined them and they loaded in some of the potatoes Templeton had harvested earlier that week.


            “I guess they need to make money some how,” Hendrickson muttered, “I just thought they worked for the Viet Cong,”


            Templeton shrugged. The only important thing was that someone was going to be gone. And that meant lax security – and a chance at escape.


            “We need to try for today.” Templeton said. He raised his eyes to the sky, the storm had passed during the night but with the rising sun came clouds and they looked dark. If they escaped under the cover of the rain, they may have some extra time to figure out a way back to Delta Base.


            “I think so too,” Hendrickson turned away, “but let’s not be too obvious about it,” and he turned away to go back and lay down on his cot. Templeton decided that the shade on the far side of the pen was enough for now.


            With nothing else to do; Templeton watched BA, Murdock and Hannibal load their truck.




            “Colonel,” Murdock whipped his hand across his brow. It got hot quick and he missed the coolness of other parts of the world, “should we be leaving them like this?”


            “They’ll be fine, Hendrickson still has the broken arm,” Hannibal said around a cigar. “It’ll be hard for either of them to get far – if they escape,”


            “Okay,” Murdock tried not to look as if he doubted his Colonel. The man knew practically everything and sometimes it seemed as if he knew what a person was thinking.


            “Come on, fool!” BA dragged Murdock away from the bed of the truck, “I’ve a letter to get to ma Mama!” he growled. Hannibal stood off to the side as the two got in. The truck rumbled to life and with a puff of smoke and a big bang from the mufflers – they were off. Hannibal opened the gate for them and closed the gate after BA drove past. He locked the gate and then turned to take a sweep of the compound.


            His Prisoners were quiet. The blond boy and his immediate officer weren’t on speaking terms. He knew they had problems, but usually prisoners stuck with each other. It’d probably be different if it wasn’t just the two of them. They only had to worry about themselves. Of course he knew that threatening the other harm if the troublemaker didn’t cut it out was useless. Templeton hated Hendrickson’s ass. He’d happily act up if he found the chance. No, Hannibal knew that both men had to be dealt with separately. He also needed to plan hi s regiment for Templeton. It wasn’t every day that one captured The Faceman.




            Templeton had gone over every inch of the small pen. It’d taken what he estimated to be ten minutes before dropping onto his cot and sighing. “It’s as if he knows!”


            “That’s what I’ve been told, anyway,” Hendrickson sat up, “that Smith knows what a man is thinking before he thinks it. Well, it might come in handy if you’re having sex with him,” he gave Templeton a raised eyebrow.


            “I’m not going to have sex with him,” Templeton felt his left eye begin to twitch.


            “Oh come on, you’d be doing it in the line of duty,” Hendrickson giggled, “and don’t make me order you. I’m your commanding officer, technically,” he grinned.


            “Until you die,” Templeton clicked his tongue and crossed his arms. He wasn’t impressed with the suggestion, “and besides, why should I have sex with him anyway?”


            “Gain his trust!”


            “Sex can do that?” Templeton scratched behind his ear in thought.


            “I don’t know, but it’s worth a shot,”


            “Why don’t you do it then if you think it’s such a good idea?” Templeton shot back.


            A snick of a lighter and the smell of tobacco vied with the natural scents of the jungle; “Because I’m not attracted to him, kid,”


            Templeton and Hendrickson deadpanned at each other before turning to Hannibal who lent leisurely against the fence. The slant of the wood barricade made eye lines touch.  Templeton felt trapped and it wasn’t a very good feeling. The fear rose up and he tried to hide it.


            “We…didn’t see you there, sir,” he said sheepishly.


            “Which is why one of you needs to keep watch,” Hannibal pointed out as if he were talking to a couple of five year olds.


            “Peck,” Hendrickson was red in the face and it wasn’t because of a sun burn, “never call that man Sir again, you hear me, Lieutenant?” he was raging. Templeton pursed his lips as he tried to make out who exactly Hendrickson was pissed at.


            “The only person around here you’re allowed to call that is me!” he stood up and Templeton raised an eyebrow. Of course Hendrickson would take the chance to be a bastard now that two of Hannibal’s men were gone. The old man couldn’t handle them both and if he decided to break up a fight, they could over power him.


            “Yes sir, sorry,” Templeton dropped his head.


            “That was a stupid plan anyway, you’re lucky the Kid there has more brains than you,” Hannibal had watched with amusement shinning all over him. Templeton groaned and dropped his head into his hands.


            “Of course, since it’s only me the two of you could escape easily. You and Tem could engage in a fight, one that I might take seriously and break the two of you up as I’ve had my men do in the past. I wouldn’t think that the two of you could over power me despite the whipping from last night and the Hendrickson’s broken arm.  I’d rush in to make sure the two of you didn’t kill each other. Though, I doubt Tem would feel too guilty if his Captain died, accidentally or by someone’s hand.” Hannibal took a breath.


            “Of course, I know that’s what you’re doing and have seen to it that there is no way you can get out of the pen. I am happy to wait for the return of my men before dealing with you. I know you can’t escape,” and then he winked at Templeton and turned away. Only the squawking of chickens accented his leave taking.


            “Holy shit,” Templeton whispered as he looked up at Hendrickson, “he knows,”


            “Okay…but,” Hendrickson kicked the dirt, “how does he know?”


            “He and Morrison have to be in direct contact; he did say he had a phone of some type,”


            “It’s a radio,” Hendrickson muttered.


            “You got out?”


            “Apparently, I climbed the fence with my broken arm, so I didn’t much care that you got a bath,” he glared.


            “Hey! They were trying to put me into a vulnerable position,” Templeton felt his face go red.


            “Did it work?” Hendrickson asked.


            “Somewhat…I think I’ve recovered thanks to the beatings,” Templeton shook his head.


            “Look. We can’t do anything until it starts raining. He won’t expect us to try while the weather is trying to set the forest on fire,”


            “Right, that’ll work…you think?”


            “Yes, Peck, it will work,” Hendrickson looked quite proud of himself, “Or my name isn’t Faceman!”


            Templeton felt his jaw go lax; “wait…what?”


            “What do you mean what?” Hendrickson demanded.


            “I’m the Faceman!” Templeton clapped a hand over his mouth and scanned the area for Hannibal. If the old man knew he had…but two?


            “What the fuck is wrong with those people?” he whispered.


            “They trained us both to be assassins under the same name,” it dawned on Hendrickson just as it had on Templeton. He collapsed onto his cot.


            “Dude, this sucks!”


            “But, it’s brilliant,” Hendrickson countered. “The name…it’s all about the name, who knows how many more of us they have under the same name. All trained to believe they are the first,”


            “Hey! You blabbed first,” Templeton pointed.


            “Oh shut up!” Hendrickson glared, “we may be the same person, but I am still your commanding officer,”


            “Sorry,” Templeton held up his hands, “won’t happen again,”


            “It better not or I’ll ask for that whip to punish you with,” Hendrickson hissed through his teeth. Templeton nodded just to get the guy off his back.


            “And as I was saying…” Hendrickson took a big whiff of air, “Faceman, it denotes that the person with this name is good at disguises, and conning people into believing that he is someone wholly different. It makes sense to train more than one or two assassins – you need to have more, so that if any one of them are captured and killed, there will always is the Faceman. I just don’t think Morrison thought we’d both be captured alive. It was a possibility, and if so we might have been separated. Our group didn’t look to good though. I doubt any of them are alive,” he ran a hand through his dark, scraggly hair.


            “It is brilliant,” Templeton agreed.


            “Right, so Hannibal thinks you are Faceman, he doesn’t know about me or any of the others,” Hendrickson cradled his broken arm to his side as he started pacing.


            Templeton smartly did not point out that there may not be any others. Ah, So many possibilities and not enough time to thrash them out. A shame.


            “He wants to re-train me to be his weapon,” Templeton put out.


            Hendrickson snickered; “Good luck with that one!”


            “My sentiments exactly,”


            “Well…let him!”


            “What are you telling me?” he blinked.


            “I want you to stay behind. I want you to give reports over the radio they have. Make them trust you, do what you have to do and report back to Morrison. I’ll go back, explain it all and…it’ll get us some big time Intel we need,” Hendrickson looked far too gleeful for his own good.




            “It’s an order Lieutenant!”


            “Yes sir,” Templeton gave a one fingered salute.


            Hendrickson pulled back a fist and plowed it into the side of Templeton’s face. He went tumbling backwards, landing painfully on his back but not helping out of pain or fear of Hendrickson who figured that one strike would teach Templeton a lesson.


            “Why the hell would they train a kid, I’ve no idea,” he muttered to himself, “anyway, once the rain starts up, I’m outta here, you do as I’ve told you,”


            “Yes sir, I’ll follow your orders,”


            “Good,” Hendricks sighed, relieved now that the problem was neutralized.



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